Showtime: Tobias Allanson @ HLP

In parallel with this weekend's Brussels Art Days and as a part of Design September, Harlan Levey Projects will present Swedish artist/designer Tobias Allanson.
Trained as a graphic designer, Allanson's activities nevertheless reach much further than the mise-en-page within print or digital media. By using everyday objects, he creates witty installations which he calls 'pseudo-commercial' - ideally able to satisfy his creative drive as well as clients' more pragmatic points of view.

We really love the Computer vs Real series (image above) inspired by the classic "clip art layouting" (several non-matching, low-resolution images pasted together in cheap power point presentations). For this work Allanson created a pixelated cloud out of styrofoam, placed it on various locations and took photos. The photos exposed at HLP will show the cloud placed around the Swedish Archipelago.

Opening: Sep 10th; exhibition runs till Oct 15th

Showtime: Laurel Nakadate

Last year we saw her impressive solo show at PS1. Today, Zabludowicz Collection announced they will have Laurel Nakadate's first UK solo show on display in their London location from September 29th till December 11th. Must-see!

Last minute: Tinkebell tonight @ Mediamatic

TINKEBELL.'s presentation of "Save The World – 69 Turtles in Shanghai" takes place today from 8 – 10 pm @ Mediamatic BANK, Amsterdam.
Save The World consists of twelve interventions worldwide, during which TINKEBELL. shows us what happens when we force our (Western) view of the world on other cultures. 69 Turtles is TINKEBELL.'s third intervention.

In July TINKEBELL. traveled to Shanghai where she was overcome with the need to save 69 turtles from their fatal destiny: soup. This was the third in a series of worldwide interventions. She'll present this enterprise alongside fellow world fixers the Yes Men. The Yes Men will also cook us up some world saving snacks. You can buy your tickets online.

The Talks: Gilbert & George

The Talks is one of the few online magazine that really get it right: sleek design and great content. 
Don't miss this weeks interview with Gilbert & George!

The Art of Motivation

Scheduled Air Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 9:00 am PST, 12:00 noon EST * note date change
"The Art of Motivation"
Join artists Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry as they highlight ways to sell your art on-line. Every artist has experienced a lack of motivation and has struggled at some point in their careers. On today's show we'll continue to talk about what you can do when you need to "rekindle" your motivation to pursue what you love the most ... your art!

To listen to the show, click here. (Sorry for the audio problems at the beginning of the show ... we do fix them so hang in there!)
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